1. Each calendar month, you agree to be billed and debited for the Volopay software usage fee ("Monthly Fee") via the payment methods provided by Volopay

2. The Monthly Fee will be calculated based on a plan selected by you initially. Subsequently, your company's total payment volume ("TPV") initiated through the Volopay platform during any calendar month will determine your billing plan for that month.

(a). The Monthly Fee will be billed on the day of account approval. This date will be marked as your billing date for the first month, and all months thereafter while using the Volopay platform.

(b). You are responsible to ensure there is always a sufficient balance in your Volopay account to service the Monthly Fee amount. If your account does not have enough balance to pay the Monthly Fee within 7 days of the billing date, your Volopay account and its usage will be frozen until such payment is made.

3. If your company's TPV in a calendar month exceeds the allowable payment volume on your subscription plan, your subscription plan will be automatically upgraded and you will be charged the differential amount immediately. The upgraded subscription plan will have a higher associated Monthly Fee (for the same frequency, as your existing plan. For example a monthly plan will upgrade to a higher monthly plan, a quarterly plan to a higher quarterly plan, and so on)

(a) Your Plan Fee (Monthly, or Annual) will thereafter be billed at the higher amount associated with the upgraded subscription plan.

(b) If you wish to have your subscription plan downgraded at any time, you need to notify Volopay by sending an email request to your customer success manager, 7 business days before the end of any calendar month. The downgrade can only be applied at the end of your current billing plan cycle. (For example, if you are on an annual plan, and have been billed for the higher category annual plan, then your downgrade will only take place at the end of the Annual plan). No refunds will be eligible for any downgrades, they will only apply to future billings.

4. We do not facilitate credit for any of our products and services.

5. Volopay reserves the right to change its pricing and billing policy without notice.

6. Please note that all purchases made through our services are non-refundable. We do not offer refunds for any products, services, or subscriptions. By proceeding with the purchase, you acknowledge and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.